Custom & Protocol

Custom and Protocol

Within our style we are very concerned with how we continue to utilize the Customs that were handed down from Master to Master. The bows we do at the beginning and end of class, the way we hold our glasses when we toast (Kampai) our seniors, how we show respect towards our seniors as well as our juniors and the other customs that we continue to entertain within our system.

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Finding a School

Hombu Dojo - Finding a School

Today throughout the world there are many legitimate martial arts school but unfortunately there are even more illegitimate schools.

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Shurijo Castle Park

Shuri Castler

The original Shurijo Castle is believed to have been constructed between the 13th and 14th centuries by King Satto of Urasoe Castle. After expanding the grounds, King Sho Hashi later consolidated the power base of the Ryukyu Kingdom at Shuri.

Located 1-2 Kinjo-cho, Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa Japan.

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If a karateka learns the Japanese karate terminology, they will be able to enter any karate dojo and have a better understanding about the culture and be able to adapt much quicker.

Understanding terminology gives you a better look into the history of the style.

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Warmup Exercises

Warm Up Exercises

As a part of our training we have a standard set of warmup exercises to help build your overall physical fitness. These exercises are designed to develop speed, endurance, strength and flexibility.

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Physical Training

Warm Up Exercises

If we are feeling fit we have more confidence in our abilities, we have more energy to do the things we want to do in our training, work and at home, and we can live a healthier life.

Physical Training Techniques



Because flexibility is so important we have created a complete section on stretching to help you in your goals. Understand using these techniques you should always consult a physician in any training that you do.

Details of Flexibility and Stretching

Heat Injuries

Heat Injuries

It is very critical that everyone realizes there is a hidden danger out there. It is called heat exhaustion, heat stroke and heat cramps. During this time we must take the time to increase our consumption of water. The most important thing to do is to take adequate water or other fluid replacement drinks with you and drink it continuously.

Heat Injury and Avoidance