Defense against Wrist Grabs!

Wrist Grab Escape # 1

The above picture shows the attacker grabbing the defenders wrist with a cross grab. (right grabs right). The defender must remember to react immediately. As the hand comes down to cover the attackers hand the defender starts to bring their hand around the attackers hand from ourside to inside as shown below.

The fingers will then extend out streight a curl like a snake around the attackers wrist. Once the defender is pointing towards the center of the body they will push in a doward motion until the attacker releases and then run. The hand position is shown below.

Wrist Grab Escape # 2

In this wrist grab the attacker is reaching streight across and grabbing the defender. The techniques works the same as the last. Reach and cover although notice in this picture the hand is already streight.

Again the hand comes around from outside to inside (like a snake) and points toward the center of the body and then pushes down. The minute your attacker releases his grip, Run for help. Remember never yell Help!!! Always yell FIRE!!!!!!