Attack In The Park

Below is a small demonstration of an attack in the park. In the first place you would not want to get yourself into this situation by following the standard guidelines in the
Rape Awareness Page.

In the picture below the attacker is reaching for the victim and before the attacker has his hands on the victim she has already racked or drove her fingernails into the attackers eyes and kneed him directly into the groin and would immediately bring her foot back to the ground to gain stability.

The victim then grabs the hair or ears (which every she can get her hands on) and pulls the attackers face into her knee. Pulling the head downward into it as the knee goes up into the face.

The victim would then bring the foot back to the ground and take off running.

Please understand you do NOT want to get yourself in this situation to begin with. Follow the guidelines in our Rape Awareness and Prevention section and you can keep yourself from having to deal with this type of situation.