Defense against the Choke!

Choke Defense # 1

The above picture shows the attacker grabbing the defenders throat. The defender must remember to react immediately. The minute the attacker grabs the throat the defender should immediately turn the body and force the finger into the throat of the assailant. Notice the body position in the picture below.

In the bellow picture you can see exactly how the finger should be driven into the throat. Once this
accomplish so as to break the hold the person being attacked should immediately run from the area for help.

Choke Defense # 2

As in the first choke hold the attacker grabs the throat so as to choke the defender. The defender should immediately drive the heel palm of the hand directly up under the chin as shown below.

After the defender drives the chin up they can grab the eyes and scratch the eyes and face as they run for help. Remember never yell Help!!! Always yell FIRE!!!!!!