Shihan Don Foster

I have been training under Hanshi Fusei Kise since April 1986. I never missed a class or any function. I received my Brown Belt at a Camp held in October 1987 from Hanshi Kise. I then trained very hard and received my Black Belt in June 1988. Hanshi Kise has promoted me to each level of Black Belt at a Camp.

I have tried to attend every Camp whether Small or Large with Hanshi Kise and/or Kaicho Isao Kise. I have attended 19 out of 21 Camps in the past years. Two times we had 2 camps in one year.

One thing for sure is that I learn something new every time I go to camp. The main object of my training in martial arts is to learn all that I am able to learn and teach all that is possible to teach of what I have learned. Our school is small, but we have knowledge, family,& heart. We must learn to use all three. With the proper knowledge you can control every situation; with family you can have togetherness for better learning; and for heart you have spirit, eagerness, and responsibility.