Hanshi John Shipes

John Shipes began his formal martial arts training in 1978 under Master Roy Kurban in Arlington, Tx in Tae Kwon Do, and trained there for about 4 years. He moved to Palestine, Tx in 1981 when he first met Steve Warren, a student of Master Kise’s, and trained with him for about 3 months. He then joined the Cha Yon Ryu system of Master Kim Soo under instructor Ken Pickle, a more familiar Tae Kwon Do based system. This training continued for about a year when Sensei Shipes left Mr. Pickle’s school and returned to Sensei Warren’s school and has remained with Master Kise’s system ever since. Sensei Shipes currently holds a Kudan and Hanshi title in Master Kise’s Matsumura Orthodox Karate-do, a Rokudan in Tuitejitsu, a Yondan in Kobudo, and a Police Techniques Instructors certificate. Sensei Shipes was awarded his Shihan certificate by Master Kise in June of 1996, his Hanshi title in 2010, and his Kudan rank in 2022.

Sensei Shipes has also trained for many years under Sensei Richard Sapp, while in Palestine and beyond and was awarded a 7 th degree black belt from Sensei Sapp in American Shorin-kai Kenpojitsu.

Sensei Shipes also trained in Jun Fan Kung fu under Sifu Larry Hartsell via seminars and training camps and currently trains in Jun Fan Kung fu and Kali under Tuhon Ray Parra of Austin, TX. These camps consisted primarily of joint locking and grappling, trapping, Thai boxing, Kali, boxing, and Jun Fan techniques. Sensei trained for a short while in jujitsu and in Shotokan karate while living in Tucson. Sensei Shipes hold a Level 2 Full Instructor certification under Tuhon Parra.

Sensei Shipes also actively trains in Garimot Arnis under GAT Ninong Ceasar Parazzo of San Antonio, TX and was awarded his GAT Guro certification from GAT founder Abon Baet of Penbroke Pines, FL.

Sensei Shipes is active in the OSMKKF, and has served as a director since 1996 and his training continues via summer camps with the GrandMaster and Kaicho Isao Kise, and visits with other instructors whenever possible. Sensei Shipes holds monthly weekend training sessions at his dojo in Athens, Texas to provide training opportunities to others in Kenshin Kan and other systems.

Sensei Shipes currently resides in Athens, Texas where he is chief instructor at his dojo, Self Defense Concepts – Athens Karate School, where visitors are always welcome. He is retired as a Laboratory Manager and is a full time martial artist.