Importance of Kobudo Kata

Kobudo Kata
Kobudo Kata is so important in any system. You learn how to combine different techniques and movements together with the weapon you are training on. It allows one to bring harmony between oneself and the weapon. The weapon becomes and extension of your body! Within Kenshin Kan we have a variety of Kobudo Katas that we are required to learn based on rank. We also ensure that each student learns the bunkai (practical application) of each technique within the kata.

Kobudo Kata Requirements


6th Kyu Bo Shodan
5th Kyu Bo Nidan
4th Kyu Sai Shodan, Bo Jitsu
3rd Kyu Sai Nidan
2nd Kyu Sai Jitsu
1st Kyu Bo Sandan
Sho Dan Kama Shodan, Syushi no Kon Sho
Ni Dan Bo Yondan, Sai Sandan
San Dan Tonfa Shodan, Tokumine No Kon
Yon Dan Kama Nidan, Syushi no Kon Dai
Godan Soken no Nunchaku, Teco
Rokudan Sakugawa No Kon Sho
Nanadan Tsuken Sunakakai no Kon