The Importance of Kata

Hanshi Fusei Kise Crane

After the basics are taught one must learn how to put the techniques together in combinations. The way that this is done is through the practice of kata. A Kata is a series of fighting movements combining breathing, striking, and defensive techniques to suit innumerable situations. These fighting movements are manifested in the form of choreography, which allows the student to fully express the four basic tenets of Karate: speed, strength, technique, and esthetic value (beauty). Each kata has a particular rhythmical sequence (without which it would be mere movement) and is designed for the imaginary fighting of several opponents.

Empty Hand Kata Requirements

Rank Kata
9th Kyu Fyu Kyu Kata 1
8th Kyu Fyu Kyu Kata 2
7th Kyu Fyu Kyu Kata 3
6th Kyu Wansu
5th Kyu Pinan 1
4th Kyu Pinan 2
3rd Kyu Nahanchi 1, Pinan 3
2nd Kyu Nahanchi 2, Anaku
1st Kyu Nahanchi 3
Shodan Pinan 4, Seisan
Nidan Pasai 1, Pinan 5
Sandan Pasai 2
Yondan Chinto, Jion
Godan Gojushiho
Rokudan Kusanku
Nanadan Rohai 1