How to Keep from being Abducted

Here are some good checks to remember so you won't be abducted

    Before going somewhere tell my parents where I'm going, who I'm going with, and when I will be back.

    Never get into a car without permission. If a car or van pulls along side me I will immediately walk in the other direction.

    I won't except gifts from strangers (candy, toys or things like that) Usually the abductor will use this to get me close to them so they can pull me into their car or get me to a spot without people around.

    I won't talk to strangers on the other side of schoolyard fence. I will go and let my teacher know that a stranger is talking to me.

    If a stranger is following me to school or keeps coming to the bus stop I will let my parents and my teachers know.

    When walking I will always walk on the sidewalk in the "middle" and toward the traffic so that someone can't pull me into an alley or drive up behind me and pull me into their car.
    If a stranger asks if I want to see their puppies (kittens, rabbits, etc.) I will not because this is a way they can pull me into their car/van when I try to look at them.

If you follow these tips you can be happy and safe like our friends below.